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North Wyldewood Tradition's

Evergreen Path

The North Wyldewood Tradition's Evergreen Path Winter Studies is an intermediate-to-advanced level course, taught by members of the NWT teaching collective, led by High Prietesses Denise & JoAnna.


Taking place once per year online, our next Winter Studies session will take place between November, 2022 - June, 2023. These classes will cover in-depth historical studies, magickal theory,  technique, and practice, as well as divination, ritual, and devotional work. This unique course of study takes place in a traditional, coven-like environment.

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Stepping into the Forest

Entrance to the Evergreen Path Winter Studies program is offered by invitation only to students who have completed (and submitted their assignments from) at least 3 Enter the Wyldewood Birch Path modules, attended 3 public NWC rituals (online or in person) in the past three years, and completed an application and interview process.


The 2022 Evergreen Path Winter Studies course will run from Nov. 2022 - June 2023. (Note: Class size for the Evergreen Winter Study is extremely limited.)


Applications for this winter's Evergreen Path are now closed. If you are interested in being put on the waiting list, so you are notified when applications open again next year (2023) please send us an email.  

After completing the Evergreen Path, a seeker may be invited to join the North Wyldewood Coven and Tradition.  Members may choose to continue on either the Degree Path or the Greenwood Circle.

Community and Collaboration

As a member of the Evergreen Path, you will experience a North Wyldewood Tradition coven-like environment, participating in rituals and group magical projects, crafting divination tools, deepening your ritual and journey work skills, and attending all online classes.


Classes are held online, once per week, on weekday evenings. (No classes are scheduled during holiday weeks.)

To ensure that Evergreen Winter Studies are accesible, we offer a sliding fee scale of $45-$90 per month of classes. (Fees are due on the 1st of each month of classes.)

"Never does Nature say one thing and Wisdom another." 
- Juvenal
Northern Lights

A Winter of Magic

The Evergreen Path is our Coven and Tradition's path to entrance, as well as a unique journey through our Tradition's magical style. (Evergreen Path coursework especially dives further into Norse, Irish Celtic, and traditional Wiccan ritual magic.)  

Powerful magick can be created through the deep levels of Perfect Love and Trust we form through our combined efforts in study and ritual.  To attain this family-like bond, our Tradition and the Evergreen Path winter studies is offered by invitation, and has specific requirements for entry. If you have any questions, we're happy to answer by email! 

Requirements to join the Evergreen Path

    ◦    Complete (and submit assignments from) 3 Enter the Wyldewood - Birch Path classes within the last 3 years.

    ◦    Attend 3 Open North Wyldewood Rituals (in person or online) within the last 3 years

    ◦    Submit an online application. (Applications for 2022-23 Winter Studies are now closed.  The application period will reopen in 2023.)

    ◦    Participate in an interview via Zoom with an Elder member of the Tradition.

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