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Enter the Wyldewood

An in-depth Wiccan course that teaches the fundamental skills of magic to empower and transform your life


Magical Experience, Confidence, and Community

We live in a time of great blessings, but also many challenges. All of us can get overwhelmed by the state of our world, and the amount of information we take in - but many of those problems can be traced back to a separation from the natural world, and the unique inner powers of intuition and magic inside us. We know there are vibrant ways to reconnect fully with the web of life, instead of looking at it from afar, but it can be frustrating to try and find clear paths to follow.

North Wyldewood Tradition's Enter the Wyldewood is an in-depth, 24-week course that will lead you through the foundations of Wiccan magic and ritual – pulling together the skills and abilities that make Witchcraft a transformative, life-affirming path.

The course facilitators, North Wyldewood Coven High Priestesses Denise and JoAnna, have over 25 years of teaching experience, guiding students on their journey with Wicca in a cohesive, step-by-step way

For the first time this summer, we’re offering this course online - take part in live, online rituals and events, a private Facebook discussion group, and live Q&A’s with High Priestesses Denise and JoAnna - all in an inclusive, supportive environment.

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What's Included

Learn from Anywhere

Online access to over 24 modules of material, released one per week from April 24 - October, 2021, including videos, handouts, audio files, and more. Our coursework is easily available wherever you are.

Ask Questions

Online Q&A’s with High Priestesses JoAnna and Denise, 2-3 times per month throughout the summer. Attentive and friendly help is available throughout the course.


Learn in a supportive environment and (optionally) join our private Facebook group for Grove. You can connect with fellow students, ask questions and get guidance from Coven leaders.

Summer Rituals

Over the course of the summer and fall, take part in live online Sabbat rituals. All students will take turns in a variety of ritual roles, and help plan elements of our Sabbat celebrations.

A Year of Access

Students will have full access to all Grove course materials, including videos, handouts, meditations and more, until March of 2022.

Our Guarantee

We believe strongly in the value of Enter the Wyldewood. For anyone who is not satisfied and has completed at least one weekly module, we will offer a full refund within 30 days of the beginning of the course. 

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Learning the Language of Wicca

We know what it’s like to feel a little lost, or disconnected from our inner purpose and connection to the web of life. Co-teachers Denise and JoAnna have over 25 years of teaching experience, helping students form deep and precious relationships with the natural world, using the foundations of Wiccan magical practice to create positive, lasting changes in their lives.


Enter the Wyldewood offers a clear, comprehensive course of study for creating effective rituals, practicing spellcraft, and casting circles and sacred space. We help students connect with the four Elements, the Ancestors, and the Gods, as well as with animistic, Earth-honoring ways of being, and the internal, intuitive senses which help us live heart-centered, authentic lives. 

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“I remember I just couldn't wait for the next class, and the next class, and the next… The classes are not just for learning information, it is a place to exchange thoughts with other like-minded people in a safe space, appreciating each others' varying degrees of experience and knowledge, and with everyone on a quest to know more. I am happy to say it has changed my life for the better.” 


—  Andi

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Step On to the Path



Register online and choose the payment plan that works for you. (By registering and paying in full before April 15, you'll save $40 and also receive the three BONUS Guided Meditations and Course Modules.)



Weekly modules will be released every Saturday, from April 24 to Oct. 23. Take part in Q&A's, join our optional Facebook private group, and co-create and participate in online rituals. (Students in the NYC area can participate in optional, in-person events.)



With the fundamental Wiccan skills taught in this course, you'll deepen your connection to the web of life around you, craft your own set of ritual tools, and uncover new truths about the direction of your life - all in a healthy, supportive environment.


Register Today - Space is Limited

Pay by Month

6 payments of $50 per month


Pay in Full

SAVE $40 - and receive 3 BONUS modules and meditations (a $45 value.)


3 Payments

3 payments of $90 


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Registration for this Course is very limited - to ensure one-on-one attention, only 20 spaces are available, so sign up early to reserve your place. 

Sign up and pay in full by April 15 to save $40, and receive 3 Bonus Modules, and Guided Meditations!

Meet the Priestesses...

Co-High Priestess of the North Wyldewood Coven and co-founder of the Tradition, JoAnna is a graduate of the Juilliard School and a professional violinist. She discovered Wicca at age 12, and practiced as a solitary throughout her childhood. She is an original member of the North Wyldewood Coven, formed in 2003. She hosts the Coffee and Divination podcast, and is a practicing seer, specializing in a form of oracular divination inspired by the divinatory trance traditions of ancient Greece. She also leads the teaching of Ancestral work within the North Wyldewood Tradition. She practices permaculture, and combines her deep love of ecology and gardening with Pagan animism, and lives in northern VT with her husband and seven cats.

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Denise Cruci

Co-High Priestess Denise Cruci formed the North Wyldewood Coven in 2003, and is a co-founder of the North Wyldewood Tradition. Outside of the Coven, but complimentary to her practice as a Witch, Denise has served as The Troth steward for the NYC area. After attending a Harafnar workshop, Denise and friends formed Bjornsal, performing spae at festivals and private events for several years. She was part of a NYC based Theodish group for almost 10 years, acting as their spaekona (Seeress) and, at some rituals, channeling Freya, her patron deity. Her spiritual focus is spae/seidhr; journey work; honoring the Ancestors and nature spirits/spirits of place; and love magic.  She is a teacher, new small business owner, and Brooklyn native, who lives with her boyfriend and their pit bull, The Duchess.

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Our Guarantee

If you're not satisfied with the course, or find that it's not right for you, as long as you've completed at least one full module and make your request before May 24, 2021, we will be happy to grant a full refund. Simply send us an email to request a refund by May 24, 2021, and we'll happily refund your fees.

Please note that we are also committed to making our courses accessible, and have a limited number of scholarship spots available for our Courses. (Contact us via email to request a scholarship application.)

Register Today to Reserve Your Place

Only 20 student spaces are available for Enter the Wyldewood, so sign up EARLY to reserve your place. 

Sign up and pay in full by April 15 to save $40, and receive 3 Bonus Modules, and Guided Meditations. 

Pay by Month

6 payments of $50 per month


Pay in Full

SAVE $40 - and receive 3 BONUS modules and meditations (a $45 value.)


3 Payments

3 payments of $90 


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